Thursday, December 28, 2006

The baywatch dream!

The baywatch dream!

Baywatch for an average TV viewer is all about lifeguards in skimpy bathing suits running around saving helpless drowning people. They are equipped with state of the art equipment like jetskees and radios.

The Goan government’s baywatch dream is just to setup lookout towers on the beach with comfortable seats for people to sit and enjoy the sunset. The people who are supposed to man these towers have either not been hired yet or are on an extended vacation, of course when the minister comes for a visit the towers will be manned.

What really perturbs me is the fact that during the recent swimming test given to selected lifeguards who had passed the first round of selection, only 2 out of the 123 souls passed and the rest had to be rescued from the water simply because they forgot to learn swimming before they came for the test.

The biggest surprise was not that they failed the swim test but that tourism officials had failed to ask them the question: "Do you know how to swim??”, perhaps their susegaad attitude may have let them assume that all people applying for the job of a lifeguard would at least know swimming. Perhaps the esteemed minister is yet to get up from his deap slumber, maybe he is still dreaming of the beauties in baywatch.

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