Saturday, July 4, 2009

Basic Writing Tips:

1. Less usage of bombastic words that folks may have to use the wiki or for.
2. Follow a theme, always. I believe in testing copy, consistency in writing practice, and simplicity in expression. (TEST the reader)
3. The HEADLINE is the most important. Appeal to the reader’s interest or give news.
4. Break the “boredom” barrier. The pulling power of a whole article or mail or ad can change with a story-telling approach. EVERYBODY – including you and me - loves stories.
5. Your writing should have the literature slant for an 8th grade student. Simple language is the only kinda language that people choose to understand. Ask yourself: Have what I written something that will be understood by my driver or my barber?
6. Always make sure that your information is authentic. NEVER quote anyone without evidence.
7. Involve the reader. Interactive writing always scores.
8. The more you tell, the more you sell. If you need 500 words of copy, begin by writing 1,000 words. Then boil it down to a concise, fact-packed message.
9. End with “action”.
10. Write down ideas. When you write a piece, put it aside and read it over the next day. You will almost, always be able to improve it .

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