Monday, January 18, 2010

Video Games, and Their Impact on Us

Video games has been around us for many years now. Over the course of those years, the gaming industry has changed drastically. Even now it's still continuing to change, advancing further, and further. It has really became a big impact on our lives. Because of these games, many new trends has develop. Conventions involving video games for an example has became quite popular. People from all around come to these conventions to express their love, and inspirations as players. Video game contests has even became popular, where players test their advanced skills, and strategies against other players alike. These are just two of many trends that were created due to games.

Even though playing games are often used for leisure time, they can also be used to benefit, our health in a positive way. Certain games such as puzzles, trivial, and strategies, can stimulate our brains, in which sharpens our thinking skills. With this, they could increase our mathematics skills, reading skills, and vocabulary. Playing games can also satisfy our emotional needs. When we complete a board, or a stage, and the plot of the game becomes more interesting, we become invigorated, and we become motivated

Recently new games has been made to benefit our physical health namely weight loss. Games like the Wii-Fit has not only helped the physical health of the younger generation, but the older generation as well. These games help people become more aware of their own physical health, while having fun in doing so!

All this, and more goes to show that video games has an important role in our everyday lives. Isn't it amazing how video games are not just for fun, but also can be solutions to many of our health problems.

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