Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blog post on page 1 of serp in 30 seconds

Blog post on page 1 of serps in 30 seconds . Funny thing just happened . The post below just went on the first page of serps almost as soon as i had posted it . Lets see if it will persist. Heres the blog post on page 1 of serps in 30 seconds

Post checked on 15th July 2011
Still there :-) Pune washed out :-) Ha Ha 

Pune Washed out

Well folks the rains are here in Pune and almost 3 days early than what the guys at the meteorology department predicted and as foretold we have quite a mess here. The roads are flooded , The drains are clogged and human beings are wadding thru knee deep water in some places.

 This in just 4 days . Pune washed out for sure . Perhaps its time to invest in a good speed boat to take one from home to office and back in Pune :-)

Back to blogging

Its been a while that i have blogged here. Was chilling out the other day and just realized "What the fuck !! " i have a blog and i havent even been looking at it for a while. While just made a promise to myself  that i will be going back to blogging soon

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