Friday, February 24, 2012

A look into Air Deccans IT infrastructure

The Air Deccan IT infrastructure is centered on two major components namely IT infrastructure to support the E ticketing CRS setup and the Air Deccan operational setup. The IT team as of March 31, 2006 included 35 staff located in Bangalore. Air Deccan has also adopted several other IT measures aimed at reducing costs and improving its operational efficiencies:
  • Use of open-source software where appropriate, including for firewalls and e-mail servers
  • Reduction of long-distance and local telephone costs through implementation of voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) and other technologies
  • Implementation of Intranet to help streamline corporate communications
E ticketing CRS setup

The Air Deccan CRS is accessible to all consumers through the AirDeccan website, The website is Verisign-certified secure for e-commerce purposes. Air Deccan has established two fully redundant online payment gateways and data links to help ensure both security and continuity of service for its website customers.

Air Deccan’s CRS resides on servers hosted at InterGlobe’s data centre located in Gurgaon which offers complete redundancy in power, fire suppression, network connectivity and security. The servers are connected with redundant Internet connections leased from BSNL and Bharti, as well as by HCL wireless loop to help maximize network availability. Connectivity is maintained using an automated router that switches from a primary BSNL connection to a backup Bharti connection in case of failure. If both the leased connections fail then the HCL wireless loop is used to keep the site live.
The network connectivity is continuously monitored by a 24/7/365 support team at InterGlobe, HCL and Air Deccan to avoid downtime. To further help maintain security, the Air Deccan servers are kept isolated from other networks and a Cisco Pix 515e Firewall and LINUX firewall has been installed to extend network security.

Backup procedures include routine database, transaction log and website and server log backups. HCL provides double or triple redundancy to all crucial connectivity links and triple-redundancy for “last-mile” applications and Air Deccan’s data servers.

Air Deccan operational setup
The IT infrastructure also allows Air Deccan to provide web connectivity for all points of sale, including direct Internet customers, call centre customers and airports via telephone or leased line or, in some parts of the country V-SAT link. This connectivity has allowed Air Deccan to do away with SITA1 lines, which are relatively expensive communications links used by other airlines to keep in touch with their check-in and other airport operations. Internet-based airport connectivity has allowed Air Deccan to expand its airport operations quickly and inexpensively into smaller towns. Compare this to airlines using SITA who find it difficult to expand where SITA lines are not available.

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