Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to Board a Moving Train

Ever tried boarding a moving train. I guess lots of people in Mumbai do it quite frequently on the crowded railway stations . Some may have done it  just because they reached the railway station late and had to run to catch the train. Well recently i came across a totally new way of boarding a train.

So how does one board a Moving Train?

Step 1 
Choose Strategic Spot where the train slows down at the turn just enough to be able to catch a handhold. Choose the train bogey which has its door open.
Step 1 -- Choose

Step 2 
Hold on to your dear life , a slip here can cost your life

Step 2 - Hold On

Step 3 
Haul your self onboard
Step 3 : Haul yourself up

This man made it look easy but the reality is it is very difficult
Place : Somewhere between Londa Station and Castle Rock Station
Photos Taken from : Poorna Express from Margao to Pune

You would ask why would it be necessary for the person to board a moving train like this. Well it is shear necessity as there are no other modes of transport out here. The nearest road front is a good 1 hr walk thru old jungle tracks.

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